PJ Rankin-Hults pix

PJ Rankin-Hults Adaptations

Since 1979, PJ Rankin-Hults, a Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based artist and designer, has produced original folk paper cuttings. They are a blend of the Pennsylvania German folk arts of Fraktur and Scherenschnitte, with a bit of whimsy.

Fraktur are ornamental, hand-drawn and hand-colored calligraphic pieces executed as family records and educational pieces. They feature flowers and birds with a simple warm palette of colors. Scherenschnitte are paper cuttings with wonderful graphic elements.

Pam is thankful to her family for their continued encouragement and support, and to God for being given the time, talent and inspiration.

Her original folk paper cuttings can always be found at Maple Croft Interiors, established in 1982 by Pam and her mother, Ruth.

Live well, laugh often, love much.